18 Nov 2019

Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

Intensive and personalised rehabilitation programme for stroke patients

Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

The first six months is the golden rehabilitation period for stroke patients. They can anticipate the best chance of regaining mobility and other body functions through intensive and personalised rehabilitation programme. The brand-new holistic health care service, consists of advanced rehabilitation equipment and transdisciplinary team that cater individual need, assists the patient to regain independent living and integrate to community as fast as possible.

Service Plan - HK$14,500/30 days

Case Management

Case social worker conducts a thorough assessment in home or hospital and sets achievable goals and personalised rehabilitation programme, undertakes periodic reviews to monitor progress with transdisciplinary team, also provides psychological counselling service to user and carer.

Centre-based Service (3 times per week, total 12 times)

Making use of advanced equipment, our transdisciplinary team provides a series of personalised training including muscle strengthening exercises, balancing training, upper-limb training, cognitive training, mobility training etc. to improve user’s mobility, cognitive and self-care ability.

Doctor Consultation (Twice)

Doctor provides consultation service, allaying user and carer’s concerns. 

Nurse Consultation

Nurse conducts health-check including blood pressure and blood glucose and follow up with vital sign monitoring. Also provides drug counselling service and meal recommendations.


Add-on Services

Occupational Therapy - HK$1,300/session

Occupational therapist conducts home assessment and provides home modification recommendations, coaching and guidance for carer to assist user to do exercise at home, also provides cognitive training to user.

Dietitian Consultation - HK$1,000/session

Dietitian handles nutrition assessment, provides meal recommendations and tailor-made menu for user.

Speech Therapy - HK$1,300/session

Speech therapist conducts assessment and provides training to improve user’s speaking, listening and swallowing ability.

Psychological Counseling - HK$2,500/session

Psychologist provides psychological counseling to enhance user’s psychological condition.

Home Care - Subject to demand

Provide quality household cleaning service, daily personal care service, escort service. Also provide post-discharge home support services hence to ease carer's pressure.



  1. Subject to written referral from registered medical practitioner
  2. Subscribe additional treatment session according to individual needs