Rehabilitation & Wellness Enhancement


We provide a brand-new holistic health care service through state-of-the-art advanced rehabilitation equipment, and an experienced multi-professional team including physiotherapists, fitness instructors, nurses and dietitians, to make sure you get the support you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Targeting the “sub-healthy” citizens, Humansa strives to address their health care needs and promote their physical and mental wellbeing through our comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness programs.

Wellness Enhancement

Aerial Yoga - Aerial yoga, sometimes called anti-gravity yoga, utilises a hammock to allow for various yoga poses to be held that may otherwise be difficult to perform on the ground.

Allegro Reformer Class - Pilates requires coordination of the whole body. Using an Allegro Reformer both helps to ensure correct posture, as well as provides increased resistance so exercises are more effective.

Fascial Release Stretch Class - The fascia is the dense, fibrous connective tissue that interpenetrates and surrounds our muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels. Relaxing and stretching these tissues will help strengthen muscles and tendons.

Hatha Yoga - This form of yoga focuses on regulated breathing along with specific movements, and has been shown to help with both mental and physical wellbeing.

High-Intensity Circuit Training Fat Burning Class - High-intensity circuit training (HICT) combines cardio and resistance training in the same workout, by alternating between working the upper body, core and lower body and between high-intensity and low-intensity exercises.

TRX Suspension Training - Suspension training (TRX) uses gravity and our own body weight to exercise our muscle groups. Exercise intensity may be adjusted by changes in posture and the angle of suspension.

Holistic Personal Tranining Programme - Personal health fitness trainer provides tailor-made “HUMANSA-ISTIC” wellness programme with objectives to weight control, improve cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strengthening, enhancing sports performance, sports injury rehabilitation, pregnant exercise and so on.

Therapeutic Wellness

Bone Health Plan - To help prevent falls and fractures, bones and muscles may be strengthened with specific equipment, to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Fall Prevention Training Class - In Hong Kong, 25% of elderly fall in their homes and suffer from injuries, 75% of which are even head injury and fracture. Regular exercise and a structural wellness programme with specialised equipment can help improve the health and balance of elderly and minimize fall incidents.

Stroke Prevention Programme - Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and physical inactivity, as well as hypertension, diabetes, an increase in blood lipid levels and atrial fibrillation can significantly increase the risk of stroke. This programme is designed to help those at high risk of stroke to break bad habits, exercise adequately and correctly, and to learn to live more healthy lives.

Weight management programme for Mid and Golden AGE - One in five people in Hong Kong are overweight or obese, and many people in general do not know how best to stay healthy.  Humansa provides a range of all-round weight management programmes designed to help people manage their weight through exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

Pain Management

Degenerative Knee Pain Control Program - Healthy Knee Solution - Degenerative knee pain not only causes pain and affects quality of life, but if not properly treated can lead to irreversible damage requiring surgery or the replacement of the joint.
To address degenerative knee pain, our programme designed by physiotherapists takes a more holistic approach to rehabilitation, utilising simple exercises and routine to effectively relieve pain and improve the range of motion in the joint.

Low Back Pain Control Program - Clinical Pilates for LBP -  Recurrent Lower back pains (LBP) affects many people from all walks of life, and is most commonly a result of poor posture and lack of exercise, which can decondition muscles and lead to injury. Clinical Pilates is well-recognised as an effective means of addressing LBP, helping not only by realigning the spine to its correct posture, but also by exercising those muscles associated with posture to ensure the body’s core muscles are strong and healthy and able to prevent further injury.

PT2 Rehabilitation Treatment -  PT2 Rehabilitation Treatment, combines the physiotherapy and personal training, aims to enhance personal physical fitness and functional capability. The program will be prescribed by our physiotherapist and fitness instructor. With the cooperation of the physiotherapist and fitness instructor, you will stay injury-free and reduce the recurrence of injury.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Brain Health Exercise Program - Cognitive disorders affect memory, behaviour and our ability to care for ourselves, and in differing degrees currently affect nearly a third of seniors in Hong Kong. Physical exercise is essential in encouraging brain cell growth and survival, and in helping improve cognitive functions in those beginning to suffer dementia.

Neuro Gym for Mild Stroke - Physiotherapy is especially critical for effective rehabilitation during the first six months following a stroke. Continued and regular rehabilitation training has also been shown to continue the stimulation of the brain's neuro-plasticity, allowing for old pathways to be repaired and new ones to be established. Controlled and specific exercises can help restore functional capacity and improve mobility and gait stability.

Gait Correction Programme for Parkinson's Disease - Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic progressive neurological disorder that affects motor functions and therefore the ability of the body to move. Major symptoms include tremors, rigidity, a slowing down of movement (bradykinesia) and poor balance (postural instability). A comprehensive yet personalised exercise programme can help those with the disease to retard the onset of symptoms, decrease progression and help restore body functions.

Individualised Rehab Programme for Brain Injuries - Neurological conditions including strokes and Parkinson's disease affect mobility, cognitive functions and the persons ability to enjoy life. Though many affected share commons symptoms, each condition is unique and effective treatment and rehabilitation requires a highly personalised programme. Our programmes our both intensive and personalised around a specific case, and are designed to be implemented in the most timely manner by our team of experienced therapists, so that our patients can expect the best chance of regaining mobility and other body functions.

Stoke Risk Assessment

Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) - Developed by local University with US China and Taiwan patents. The vessels are the back of the eye (retinal) are the only directly visible vessels in the whole body that share similar histological structure and pathological patterns with cerebral vessels, they can provide an estimate of the cardiovascular health. The analysis process takes around 15 minutes, report will be sent back within 30 minutes.

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